The excimer lamp with
unbeaten characteristics
a quoi ça sert?
With a power of 2500mW, the exciplex is more powerful than the biggest devices available. It is also the fastest excimer in the world as it has no heating time and is always ready for intense use !
Thanks to its patented technology, exciplex is the smallest but also the lightest excimer device available in the world of dermatology. Only the spot size is large !...
Easy to use
The software of the exciplex is so easy to use that you can learn how to use it 2 minutes. Exciplex is a plug & play device. Switch it on, set the fluence and start treating will take you less than 60s
before              after
It is an excimer ! Its monochromatic wavelenth of 308nm is known for its high clinical efficacy on psoriasis, vitiligo and other auto-immune diseases
A very attractive price for this best-in-class device with no consumable and many clinical indications makes the exciplex one of the best investment opportunity
Technical characteristics of the exciplex make it the most valuable excimer device in dermatology
exciplex is delivred in a nice suitcase to carry it easily with all accessories (stand, goggles, reduction tips, silicone masks)
Why exciplex is so different ? (better?)
Excimer technology
Innovation is the DNA of Clarteis. Technology is our playground. The exciplex is the results of 3 years of intense R&D work in optics, electronics, mecanics, thermal...
Excimer is the name given to the gaz made of Xenon and Chloride sealed inside the bulb. A partnership with the CNRS in Toulouse led to a very specific mixture to enhance both the optical output and the lifetime of the bulb
Optics design
Patented electronics
At Clarteis, we are designing and manufacturing our own bulbs and reflectors to optimize the output power. From the electrical plug to the skin, the exciplex has the best efficiency of all 308nm excimer lamps!
To achieve a high level of optical power with such a small electronic board, the power supply of the lamp has been fully re-designed. This very innovative architecture is now protected by a world patent