Clarteis Team


Clarteis team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.
We are pleased to introduce you to Clarteis team !

Laurent Meilhac

Chief Executive Officer

Develops the company’s culture and overall company vision. In charge of making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of Clarteis, acting as the main point of communication.

Jean Baptiste Fouché

Chief Technical Officer

Head of the technical team and pilot of the R&D and design transfer activities.

Michel Martinez

Senior Production Technician

In charge of the preparation of the components, from the assembly to the product testing.

Alina Albu

Office Manager

Cross-category support in all business operations, inclusive of customer’s support, sales and after-sales follow up, logistics.

Julien Rennesson

Mechanical Design Manager

In charge of the mechanical design and development of all the parts, products and tooling.

Anne-Maud Boyard

Marketing Manager

In charge of crafting the marketing strategies online and offline, evaluating and developing our marketing strategy and marketing plan, building brand awareness and positioning, supporting sales and lead generation efforts.

Thibaud Villaumie

Production Operations & Service Manager

Supervises the whole production process and takes care of the technical trainings and after-sales services. Expert in electronics engineering technologies.

Cécilia Flaissier

Export Sales Manager

Responsible for managing the sales activities within Europe/ Middle East and Africa region, strengthening existing business and prospecting new markets.

Valentine Cadet

Export Sales Developer

In charge of sales activities within Latin America, and overseeing some European and Asian markets.

Sandrine Sinsoulieu

Quality Affairs & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ensures the effectiveness of the quality system and the compliance of the medical devices.

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