What is the exciplex® excimer system?

exciplex® is an excimer lamp that emits a Monochromatic excimer light at 308 nm.

This 308 nm wavelength is known to be very efficient and the best to treat auto-immune skin diseases with very limited side effects

How does exciplex® compared to excimer lasers ?

Altogether excimer lamp has the same clinical efficiency as an excimer laser but is much less costly as it doesn’t need consumables.

Afterwards, exciplex® enables fast treatment sessions thanks to its large spot size and its power density emitting shots of 100mJ/s

Is exciplex® an excimer laser ?

exciplex® is an excimer lamp, it has the same technique as excimer laser; “Monochromatic Excimer Light” technology.

Additionally, both Laser and exciplex® uses xenon-chloride gas.

What is the Bulb lifetime ?

Clarteis has conducted extensive reliability tests on the bulb, as a result, Clarteis offers a 3 years warranty for the bulb with unlimited use.

Can patients use this device at home ?

No, exciplex® is only professional used and made exclusively for use by qualified dermatologists.

Can exciplex® be used on all skin phototypes and any body part ?

exciplex® is suitable for all skin phototypes and can be used in most of parts of the body (excluding mucous area)

Is this treatment suitable for children ?

Clinical studies have demonstrated the safety of use of Monochromatic Excimer Lamps as exciplex® in the treatment of children above the age of 15 years old.

Can exciplex® be combined with other treatments?

Many dermatologists around the world have successfully combined exciplex® with topic treatments. Results are sometimes better.

Are there relapses following exciplex® treatments?

exciplex® cure the symptoms of the disease, hence Relapse can occur. It is the case of all treatment available on the market.

What are the side effects with the exciplex® treatment ?

exciplex® has a limited sides effects. Eryhtema and Hyperpigmentation can occur and last for couple of weeks.

What are the contraindications with exciplex® treatment ?

Skin dermatoses with Kobner phenomenon , Lupus erythematous, Pacemakers, Hyper-photosensitivity, Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, Drugs with photosensitizer side effect, Radiotherapy, Pregnancy (no study available), Children below 15 (only a limited number of studies are available for this category), Diseases that are contagious by contact.