exciplex® is a medical device class IIb according to the council directive 93/42/EEC

The device emits ‘Monochromatic Excimer Light’ (MEL) at 308nm the best wavelength to treat autoimmune skin conditions.
An innovative and modern device with enhaced clinical efficiency.

Why exciplex® ?

  • Induces T-cell apoptosis
  • Optimization of melanogenesis
  • Induces anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Local immunosuppression
  • Stimulation of melanocyte hormone
  • Inhibits DNA synthesis

Smart features

  • Fluence of 100 mW/cm² and total power of 2500 mW resulting in fast treatment
  • Long Bulb lifetime (warranty of 3 years unlimited use)
  • Vitiligo shot: typically 1 to 3 seconds
  • Psoriasis shot: typically 2 to 6 seconds

ErgonomicThe lightest and smallest excimer

  • Handheld & Transportable
  • Weight of the hand piece: 950 g
  • Dimensions of the hand piece: 27 cm x 8 cm x 15 cm
  • Heating time: 0 s

Easy to use and intuitive

  • Light is delivered to the lesion with high precision thanks to reduction tips allowing a spot size range from 1 cm² up to 25 cm²
  • Color touchscreen with simple layout, only one parameter required: the dose

Technical Specifications

  • Gaz source: Xenon-Chloride (XeCl)
  • Wavelength: 308 nm
  • Light range: Monochromatic UVB
  • Power density: 100mW/cm²
  • Spot size: Up to 25 cm² with 6 reduction tips
  • Cooling: Pulsed Air
  • Electrical characteristics: 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 180 VA
  • Source: Xenon-Chloride (XeCl) lamp
  • No consumables !

exciplex® Clinical results

Courtesy of Dra. Rodriguez | Alopecia Areata | 3 Sessions
Courtesy of Dr. Gamal | Vitiligo | 15 Sessions
Courtesy of WOW Clinic | Psoriasis | 13 Sessions
Courtesy of Dr. Suzuki | Atopic Dermatitis | 12 Sessions
Courtesy of Pr. Passeron | Mycosis Fungoides | 15 sessions

Treatment session – exciplex®

Doctor testimonials

“exciplex phototherapy is very useful in our everyday practice. It is not only a well- demonstrated effective and safe treatment for vitiligo but an efficient option for localized forms of alopecia areata and MF. Most of the time, it can be combined with other therapies to optimize the clinical results.”Exciplex is the best excimer device I ever used in my practice”

Pr. Thiery PASSERONFrance

exciplex is an excellent device that I like to use every day. Clinical results are fast and impressive. Even Alopecia Totalis can be treated with astonishing hair regrowth. Exciplex is one of the best investments a dermatologist can do for his patients”

Dr. Ricardo GALVAN – Mexico

“Autoimmune diseases affect the quality of life of patients and their treatment is generally a challenge for dermatologists. exciplex is an option to obtain excellent therapeutic results, in a short time, without pain or excessive costs. Definitely exciplex changed my clinical practice”

Dra. Dalia RODRIGUEZ – Mexico

“I believe that exciplex phototherapy is one of the best and advanced device in treatment of vitiligo. Additionally in my every day practice I used for depigmented scars and also hypopigmentation after aggressive lasers. In my experience, the interesting point about exciplex is it’s ability for changing the texture of scars. I think in addition to repigmentation of depigmented scars it modifies the texture and shape of the scars and I like it

Dr. Amir FEILY – Iran

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